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Various – Oi! Against Racism LP (ABLP025)


LP, 500 copies on coloured wax
Description: Our first label sampler featuring 16 songs and bands from Wales, Italy, Germany, Poland, Canada, England, Netherlands, Singapore, USA, Indonesia and Belgium. The artwork is obviously a tribute to the first Oi! compilation from 1980: The good old days where no band sounds like another. In the vain of the early Oi! compilations we tried to stretch its definition to a maximum. Some of you may call it hardcore, some of you may call it street rock’n’roll and others may call it UK82, but for us it remains good old Oi! Oi! Music!
With many songs new or having never appeared on vinyl before we tried to give you value for your money. All recordings were remastered for vinyl.
Release date: Summer 2016
Available: No
A1 Foreign Legion – Valleys Mentality
A2 Klasse Kriminale – Black & White
A3 Halbstarke Jungs – Jigsaw
A4 Glory Days – Trapped By Hate
A5 7er Jungs – No Time For Fasci/nation
A6 The Prowlers – Voisin De La Terreur
A7 Surgery Without Research – Die Tonight
A8 The Establishment – Under Achievers

B1 The Bois – Traitor
B2 The Shame – Tulsa Boys / Tulsa Chant
B3 No Man’s Land – Oi! Against Racism
B4 Dead End Street – Mean Streets
B5 Cracks & Scars – White Collar Scum
B6 Curb Stomp – Nüchtern Werden Auf Der Arbeit
B7 Midnight Tattoo – Puppet On A String
B8 The Abnormal – Hope Not Hate

Previously unreleased: A3, B3, B4, B5, B7, B8
Previously unreleased on vinyl: A1, B1
Alternative version:A7, B2



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