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The Oppressed / The Prowlers – Skins ‘N’ Punks (Volume 6) CD (ABCD024)

LP (ABLP024)
CD (500 copies, co-release with Insurgence Records)
Description: twenty-five years after volume 5 we release a new volume in the Skins’N’Punks series!
Release date: 1 may 2015
Available: Sold out

The Oppressed
1 Head Kicked In
2 Drunken Skinhead (The Prowlers)
3 White Flag (first time with Roddy on vocals)
4 The Greatest Cardiff Rip Off
5 Cardiff Born
6 Bluebirds Unite
7 SHARP Anthem

The Prowlers
8 Revenge
9 We’re Here To Drink Your Beer
10 Antifascist Skin (Pöblers United)
11 Made On The Streets
12 Urban Soldiers (The Oppressed)
13 My Vote



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