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No Man’s Land – No Way Back Home (ABCD020)

CD (300 copies, co-release with Rusty Knife)
LP (ABLP020)
Description: The Indonesian band No Man’s Land hail from from Malang, East-Java and were established in 1994. They are the oldest – still active – Oi! band from Indonesia. Since the 90ies the band released a handfull of cassettes and when the band got picked up by the European recordlabel Aggro Beat in 2012 they managed to gain popularity outside their home country as well. Since 2012 they boys released a best of CD, two split EP’s (7” vinyl) and contributed to the positive aclaimed Oi! Made In Indonesia CD. No Way Back Home is the band’s sixth fulllength album and features twelve new bootboys anthems. From a straightforward punk outfit the band slowly evolved in a streetpunk band with a more melodic approach and sing-a-long chorusses, catchy guitarlines and no nonsense lyrics. To promote the new album the band has shoot videoclips for the songs Taken Away and 20 Years Of Oi! which are visable through the label’s youtube channel:

Release date: 1st of march 2015
Available: Yes
1 United Oi!
2. Don’t Know Why
3. Malang Nominor
4. No Way Back Home
5. BB Punk
6. Glory Days
7. Taken Away
8. Jack Meler
9. Degeneration
10. In The Trap
11. 20 Years Of Oi!
12. Our Lives



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