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The Shame


Bandname: The Shame
Located: Tulsa (Oklahoma)< USA
Url: facebook
Line-up: Josh (bass), Kevin (drums), Chad (guitar/vocals).
Genre: Oi!
Founded: 2011
Active: Yes
Biography (january 2014):
The band members of The Shame (Tulsa, Oklahoma) know each other since they got involved in punk in the late 80’s. Since the early 90’s members gained some popularity worldwide with their previous hardcore and punk bands like Brother Inferior, Bring Down The Hammer and Assembly of God. After numerous releases on American and European labels and several American and European tours these bands, more or less, fell apart.

Years later – in 2011- Josh (bass), Giss (drums) and Chad (guitar/vocals) teamed up again. The lads decided to go back to the essence of punk music with oldfashioned Oi! influenced by the likes of Sham 69, The Oppressed and The Business. To remain in style their lyrics deal with beer, football, daytime drinking, Arsenal, the pub and the Tulsa Roughnecks’ great victory in 1983.

Within a few months the band recorded six songs which appeared on hard-to-find vinyl releases like the Oi! This is Streetpunk vol.3 LP and the Voi!ce Of America Vol.2’ EP. Also the band released an EP called The World Is Ours which made them the first ever Oi! band to release something with Profane Existence. After these releases the band released a full-length CD The Plan on the American label Zodiac Killer Records

Recently the European label Aggro Beat issued the band’s hard-to-find vinyl releases as the ‘Tulsa Old School’ miniCD. Next to the six songs from their first studio session the mini CD also includes three bonus tracks from their The Plan album.


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