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Dead End Street


Bandname: Dead End Street
Located: Italy
Url: facebook
Line-up: Damiano (vocals/guitar), Mattia (drums), Gianluca (bass), Francesco (guitar).
Genre: Streetrock’n’roll
Founded: 2011
Active: Yes
Biography (october 2013):
Dead End Street from Italy started in 2011 as a side project, but after a few rehearsals the side project became a real band. The band wrote more songs and started doing gigs. They had the chance to play with bands like Klasse Kriminale, Argy Bargy, Nabat, Basta and many more.

Although the band was founded only two years ago the band members have a long and active history in the Italian punk scene. The members have a past in wellknown Italian bands like Colonna Infame, Payback, etc.

Musically the band is influenced by the likes of Rose Tattoo, Wretched Ones and The Business. The mixture of these influences – combined with the long musical experience of the individual band members – created a sound of authentic streetrock’n’roll.


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