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Cracks & Scars


Bandname: Cracks & Scars
Located: Hannover, Germany
Url: website / facebook
Line-up: Frank (vocals), Wörmi (guitar), Basti (guitar), Thomas (bass), Tomek (drum).
Genre: Streetpunk / hardcore
Founded: 2009
Active: Yes
Biography (august 2012):
Established in 2009 by former members of Miozän, Souls on Fire, Guts & Glory, Maskapone and I Defy. Due to the fact that the influences for Cracks & Scars vary from straight ’77 punkrock to early eighties hardcore, from good old English Oi! and streetpunk to even rock ‘n’ roll, you can imagine that they couldn’t care less about ‘fitting in’… The only thing the boys got in mind is to deliver the right soundtrack for raised fists, sing-alongs and flowing beer down thirsty throats.

When they just founded the band, Tomek, Wörmi and Frank needed a suitable bass player. They already know Thomas, he was the merchandiser for some of their older bands. Because Thomas lacked any musical experience the band needed a few weeks to see if it made sense – and bingo! – it made sense! To complete the line-up they searched for a second guitar-player. Since the principle of recruiting merchandisers worked out pretty well, Frank then asked Basti – the former roadie from Souls On Fire to fulfil the job.

Now the band completed the line-up they started to write their first songs. The main influence for the band’s music are of course the classic streetpunk bands from England and the USA. However, there are of course a bunch of other influences as well. Frank has it’s roots in the hardcore scene from the early 90ies. Over ten years he played with his bands Miozän and I Defy. Tomek’s first real band was Maskapone, a ska band from Hannover. From classic Oi! To rock & roll and even metal, pretty much all influences are represented.

Once you’re on a roll, things go much quicker. After the first dozen of gigs the band quickly recorded their first demo Hold Fast. Not much later the band recorded their first video for the song Fake Beard Bastard, a Christmas song which was featured on the Cashing In On Christmas vol.3 compilation.

In august 2012 the band is happy to present their debute album Stick To Your Guns. The album is released on vinyl by Steel Town Records in Germany and as digipack-CD by Aggro Beat in The Netherlands.

The title Stick To Your Guns describes the band’s attitude. Cracks & Scars is not interested in joining the latest trend. The members are part of the scene since the mid-80ies and remain loyal to the punk, skinhead and hardcore attitude. But without blinders!


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