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Halbstarke Jungs / The Warriors – split (ABLP006)


LP (black vinyl, 500 copies, co-release with ITS Records)
2nd pressing (blue vinyl, 250 copies, Aggrobeat only)
Description: Streetcore from Germany / English Oi! veterans!
Release date: 29 Apr 2013 (1st press) / march 2016 (2nd press)
Available: 1st press sold out. 2nd press available here

Halbstarke Jungs
A1 Cheer Up!
A2 Dashes On The Wall
A3 Spiel Verderber (feat. Schulle/Toxpack)
A4 Never One Of Us

The Warriors
B1 Bankrupt Britain
B2 Bad Guy
B3 Buddah Of The Backstreets (Demo Version 2012)
B4 Violence In our Minds (Last Resort)
B5 Watch Your Back (Cock Sparrer)
B6 Keep It Real

Backstreet Battalion (21 november 2013)
Split LP of German band Halbstarke Jungs and British The Warriors was out on Dutrch label Aggrobeat Records. Germans has four songs there and The Warriors six but just two of them are new – Bankrupt Britain and Keep it Real. The rest (Bad Guy, Buddha of the Backstreets and thwo covers are re-recorded). Germans has three songs in English and one in German (Spielverdeber). They are playing harder Oi! mixed with streetcore like Toxpack (with Toxpack they played many gigs). Schulle from Toxpack also helps with vocals in song Spielverdeber. They have two guitars and the rest songs are called Cheer Up, Dashes on the Wall and Never One of Us. The Warriors are well established band with many records (and some songs are taken from records such as Bad Guys or A Cross to Bear). It is classical British Oi! but the older songs are played more rough (like Buddha of the Backstreets or Violence in Our Minds). Inside is paper with thankslist and photos but lyrics are just on two new songs from The Warriors. Lightly above average. Rating: 6/10

Out Of Step (24 october 2013)
Aggrobeat records has released a split LP with 4 songs by ‘Halbstarke Jungs’ and 6 songs by ‘The Warriors’.
‘Halbstarke Jungs’ was founded in 2008 and mostly brings streetcore/Oi songs in the German language. For this split they contributed 4 songs, 3 in English and one (Spiel Verderber) in their mother tongue. ‘Spiel Verderber’ features Schulle from Toxpack and, to me, this song is their best contribution to this split album.
The better songs from this split LP come from ‘The Warriors‘, a British Oi band formed in 1981 by original Last Resort singer Saxby (after calling it quits a few years later they reformed in the mid nineties). Before and after the recording of their ‘Never Forgive, Never Forget’ album (2012) ‘The Warriors’ did several other studio sessions re-recording some older songs, recording a few covers and … This split LP features songs from these sessions including a cover of ‘Violence In Our Mind’ by the Last Resort and ‘Watch Your Back’ by ‘Cock Sparrer’.
Fans of British Oi like The Last Resort and Cock Sparrer should get this, its a good addition to your collection. Rating: 7,5/10

Massmovement (11 october 2013)
This is an unusual pairing, with relatively young German band Halbstarke Jungs matched up to UK oi! legends The Warriors put out by a couple of labels with strong antifascist roots. Starting with Halbstarke Jungs, who left a good impression when they toured the UK earlier this year with their blend of hardcore and streetpunk. This is definitely a grower, I wasn’t blown away on first listen and somehow the ‘Jungs try too hard to blend oi! and hardcore and it falls somewhere between the two. By far my favourite of their four tunes is the only track sung in their native language, “Spielverderber” which reminds me of Toxpack, and as it happens I wasn’t the only one to think so, seeing as they invited Toxpack frontman Schulle to lend his lungs and sing the middle part of the tune. I think I’d be a bigger fan if they sang in German all the time! Onto The Warriors, they present us with a collection of anthems they have released over the years, in re-recorded form. Since their inception they have had plenty of line-up shake-ups, but have had a consistent presence over the past few years and this version is tight as fuck and that shines through on these recordings which sound really fresh. As well as some classic Warriors, vocalist Saxby and the gang treat you to an uptempo version of the Last Resort (Saxby was their original vocalist) anthem “Violence In Our Minds” and Cock Sparrer’s “”Watch Your Back”.



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