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Keyside Strike / Rust – Olde Worlde New World (ABEP007)


7″ EP on purple, pink or gold (co-release with Black Hole and Pug Music)
Description: Rust from Australia plays streetrock’n’roll. Keyside Strike plays a rough n ready streetpunk with billy and blues influences.
Release date: october 2013
Available: Yes (purchase)

A1 Send My Love From England
A2 Concrete Jungle (The Specials)

Keyside Strike
B1 Back From Hell!
B2 Knives
B3. Youth (Blitz)

Out Of Step (4 november 2013)
Olde Worlde – New World is a split 7” with 2 songs by ‘Rust‘ and 3 by ‘Keyside Strike’.
Rust is an Australian streetpunk/Oi band formed in 2005. With their contribution to this split 7” (‘Send My Love From England’ and the Specials Cover ‘Concrete Jungle’) they offer us a rocking blend of British Oi with Aussi rock and roll with a sleazy touch.
Keyside Strike was formed in 2002 in England and they bring a blend of punk, metal, Oi and even some psychobilly. Their opener ‘Black From Hell’ reminds me of the speedrock from Motorhead and with Youth (Y2K) a Blitz cover, the Scottishpunk band Hateful comes to mind.
This split 7” is a nice example of how divers punk rock and rock and roll can be and the ‘Concrete Jungle’ cover is a good excuse to get this one. Rating: 7,5/10

Backstreet Battalion (30 september 2013)
Split EP of Aussies RUST with British band Keyside Strike which was out due to cooperation of four labels. Together you can listen to five songs – two from Rust – Send My Love from England and Concrete Jungle, which was composed by Roddy Radiation and which was out on the first Specials album in 1979. Keyside Strike has there three songs – Back from Hell, Knives (written by SHSC) and Youth (Y2K) (Blitz cover). Rust are playing their angry streetpunk/dirty rock´n´roll and their song is about the memories from Rebellion Festival in Blackpool. Concrete Jungle is played with great rock drive compared to the original ska version. Keyside Strike is harder then Rust (more into HC punk) but the similarity in dirty rock´n´roll is there and both bands have surely Motorhead in their top bands. Their song Back from Hell starts like songs from Nashville Pussy and it is great rock stuff. Knives is slower song in cumbersome rock rhythm and the cover from Blitz should not be introduced (but it is played with more aggression).Cover is done well in oldschool tradition – sailors tattoos, inside are lyrics on their own songs and many photos (especially on Keyside Strike side). Good stuff but too much covers for me. Rating: 7/10

Oi! Of America (29 september 2013)
A Split single with RUST from Australia and Keyside Strike from England. Both band deliver R&R with a primitive roar, styled with hard edges and back street sleaze.
Fuck, every time I listen to RUST they get better and better. A deep bass rumble starts of the first track, Send My Love From England. A fun energetic tale of being on the road in England. The guitars have that tight throbbing drive that makes rock music so much fun. Vocals are delivered in a sleazy and snotty attitude that keeps kids coming back to punk and under ground rock for their dose of rebellion. Real fun song that I can not stop singing!! Fuck I hate when a song gets trapped in my head.
Rust finishes up their side of the album with A cover of The Specials song Concrete Jungle. Holy shit batman, They fucking nailed this song!! Keeping all the heart and soul of the original. They took out the Reggae and Ska sounds and made the song a straight up street rocker! I love that they did a cover of this song. A song about the effects of racial hate and brutal street life, RUST has opened this great and important song up to a whole new group of people. One of my favorite songs of all time done in a new and exciting way. For this track alone This single is worth getting.
Keyside Strike is up next. I have not heard much of this band. So this album was a great surprise for me. Keyside Strike starts their side of the album off with the heavy hammering rocker Back From Hell!. With all the power of Motorhead and attitude of Hardcore this song delivers everything you would want and then some! The track has a great guitar intro that builds up to a grand explosion of fury.
Touches of sleazy rock and 77 punk give the song Knives texture that you can feel and smell. The drums and bass paint the back drop in thunderous power strokes. The guitars propel the track with razor sharp jabs that puncture the song in all the right places. The Engine of the song are the great vocals. Paul the singer delivers each line with piss & vinegar. The choruses have a backstreet feel to them that keeps my fist from pumping every time I put this track on. Fucking great song.
The final track is a cover of The Blitz song Youth. Keyside Strike do a fine job on the cover. My only problem is after all the power of the first two tracks a standard cover with nothing new added seems like a slight let down.
I will keep it short. If you like Rock & Roll, If you like Punk Rock then buy this record. Rating: 4.5/5



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