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Various – Mess With The Best… Die Like The Rest double EP (ABEP005)


double EP (oxblood red / bone white, gatefold cover, co-release with Black Hole)
Description: hard edged Punk and Oi! 2 EP’s – 4 bands – 8 songs
Release date: 15 Jun 2013
Available: Yes (purchase)
A1 Ex-Girlfriends
A2 Suicide Sunday

The Guv’Nors
B1 Punk Rock
B2 Downtown Boogie


C1 Don’t Tell Me
C2 8 Second Society

Cracks & Scars
D1 Goin’ Nowhere
D2 Light & Darkness

Oi! Of America (29 june 2013)
Rust kicks off the first two tracks with there sleazy rock oi sound. Ex-Girlfriends has the guitar sound of a great 77 rock sound that has all the dirt of Johnny Thunders. The track reminds me of the Lower Class Brats and the way the singer sings it reminds me of The Public Toys. On Suicide Sunday Rust finishes off their side with a heavy grove Bass line and straight forward rock power. The band uses there musically power to deliver tales of hard living. Rust uses proto-punk, Glam, rock & roll, and hard rock to give their sound the feel of a dark alley in the bad part of town. If I was to sum up there sound I would call it pure street rock Aussie style.
Next up is Denmark’s own The Guv’nors. A band that infuses there oi with swagger. They start of the song Punk Rock with a harmonica and a blues feel. on the verse they drive all the power of early Condemned 84 and they follow that up with a chorus that has the party feel of Slaughter & The Dogs. I know it sounds like a odd mix but it really works. On Downtown Boogie the band picks up the pace and gives us a song built to be played and sung loudly in your local bars. And yes they give us more harmonica!! This track brings to mind such bands as Peter & The Test Tube Babies. Not a bad track but probably my least favorite track on the first 7″
The second 7″ brings us the Revilers from Boston a band that has been making a lot of noise with there tough as nails sound. The Revilers also fuse rock & roll in there sound which they use to highlight the rough aggressive punk songs they belt out at top speed.
Don’t Tell me comes ripping out with a sound that well bring back the hay day of American street punk. The singer chokes out lyrics of condemnation of those who judge them. The guitar is the real star in this powerhouse of a song. On 8 Second Society the band flex there oi muscle in grand form. The bleak feel of this and the short sharp chorus brings me back to the old days of American Oi!. Hands down it is my favorite track on this double record.
The record finishes with a another street punk band Cracks & Scars. This band comes from Germany and right away I think of bands like Bonecrusher, Reality 69, Guts & Glory, and The Roustabouts. I will say at times the singer reminds me of Roger Miret the way he delivers his lyrics.
Goin’ Nowhere is a rally cry of not giving up and not fitting in. The band delivers the chorus with power and confection. I would say the track is ok, I have just heard this style done so many times before that this song came off a little boring. Cracks & Scars finish of with another predictable street punk song. Light & Darkness bounces and has thick gang vocals. I have just heard it all before and that is my issue. I do not feel the band has put there own stamp on a sound that has been done very well and so much before them. If you are young and dod not remember all the amazing street punk bands from the 90’s and early 2000’s then you will love these two tracks.
Overall Black Hole Records did a really nice job on this record. The gatefold packaging is real nice (even if there is no lyrics sheet!!! My pet peeve.) I like the mix of bands showing that punk rock is no were near dead and infact it is alive and kicking!! If you are looking for a record that brings a lot to the party this is a top contender. Rating: 4.25/5

Backstreet Battalion (31 may 2013)
American-danish-australian compilation which is out on two EP´s was released by three labels from mentioned states – Black Hole Records, Pug Music and Aggrobeat Records and you will find there bands like The Revilers, The Guv´nors, Cracks and Scars and Rust. All bands have there brand new songs which you can´t know from previous releases. On the first EP you will find Rust and The Guv´nors. Aussies Rust is playing their version of filthy rock´n´roll like Motorhead and you will hear it in the second song called Suicide Sunday. Guv´nors from Denmark are playing nice punk rock with mouth organ and both songs (Punk Rock and Downtown Boogie) have great redneck spirit. US band Revilers is opening second EP with great song called Don´t Tell Me with nice singalong, r´n´r guitar and great solo. Their second song called 8 Second Society is harder. Compilation is closed by Germans Cracks and Scars and they are hardest band from the compilation. Their songs are called Goin´ Nowhere and Light and Darkness. Cover is OK with no lyrics inside but band photo, cover, contact and line up. Who likes vinyl will like also this four split, the bands are great and their fit to each other. Rating: 8/10



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