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Various – Oi! Made In Indonesia (ABCD001)


CD (jewelcase, 1000 copies)
Description: 13 bands, 25 songs, 75 minutes of Indonesian Oi! All songs are remastered and comes with 8-page booklet with liner notes, band info and pictures.
Release date: 18 november 2013
Available: Yes (purchase)
1. Dom 65 – Televistor
2. Dom 65 – 8 To 8
3. No Man’s Land – Riot Society
4. No Man’s Land – Game Over
5. GlorypoinT – Bebas Bekerja
6. GlorypoinT – I Want A Better LDR
7. Firecrackers – Anti Fasis Anti Rasis
8. Firecrackers – Muda Bangga
9. Skinlander – Look Out
10. Skinlander – Cheers
11. Self Revolution – Sepiring Nasi
12. Self Revolution – Young And Proud
13. Sta-Prest Boys – Here We Are
14. Sta-Prest Boys – Don’t Leave Us
15. Spirit Of Oi! – Spirit Of Oi!
16. Spirit Of Oi! – Yes, We Are Proud
17. Full Time Skins – Tanah Airku
18. Full Time Skins – Red Indonesian Skinhead
19. The Young’s Boot – Skinhead Girl
20. The Young’s Boot – Punk & Skin
21. United Blood – Children Victim Of War
22. United Blood – We Always Remember You
23. Moonstomp – Nothing To Regret
24. Moonstomp – Rebellion Youth Crew
25. The NagNagNag – Song Of The NagNagNag

Out Of Step (8 january 2014)

If you like Oi!/punk and doesn’t mind to go Asian then you should check out this ‘Oi! Made in Indonesia’ compilation put out by Aggrobeat Records. It contains 13 Indonesian Oi!/punk Bands bringing 25 songs in 75 minutes.
It seems that, according to the promo sheet, the Indonesian punk scene has had some rough years but the small underground scene is on the rise. This ‘Oi! Made In Indonesia’ is the first serious attempt to introduce the Indonesian scene to a wider range of people worldwide.
The album is quite divers in sound: you can here that some of the bands are influenced by the classic UK punk and Oi! bands while others have a more American sound influenced by hardcore and punk. The album comes with an 8-page booklet with pictures, liner notes and band info. ‘Oi! Made in Indonesia’ is an interesting musical document about the Indonesian Oi! and punk scene.

Backstreet Battalion (30 december 2013)
Next compilation from Indonesia is out on Aggrobeat Records. On CD are 25 songs from the bands like Dom 65, No Man´s Land, GlorypoinT, Firecrackers, Skinlander, Self Revolution, Sta-Press Boys, Spirit of Oi!, Full Time Skins, The Young´s Boot, United Blood, Moonstomp and The NagNagNag (they have there just one song compared to the other bands). I have to say that except No Man´s Land I don´t know any of abopve mentioned bands. Bands like Dom 65, The Young´s Boot and GlorypoinT are really melodic (like on songs 8 to 8 or I Want a Better LDR). Firecrackers are based on strong vocal and their song Muda Bangga is great. Skinlander and Full Time Skins are playing simple Oi! like from 80´s, Self Revolution are more into punk rock, Sta-Press Boys are also sounding like from 80´s but it is more dark and tough. Spirit of Oi! reminds me Vanilla Muffins. United Blood are more into HC but I don´t like the vocal, Moonstomp is real hardcore with touches from old school of USA and the last band The NagNagNag has female vocal. Some bands are really surprising. Most of the songs are in English but some are in their native tongue (circa five). Who likes exotic bands buy this album, I leave it without rating becasuse it is compilation.

Massmovement (19 december 2013)
For many years now oi! has been a global phenomenon, I can remember comps such as “Oi! Rare and Exotica” in the 90s giving the genre an international flavour. Asia has also long been a fertile breeding ground for top quality bands – Malaysia’s Roots & Boots, China’s Misandao or Japan’s Sideburns spring to mind. Now it is Indonesia’s turn to shine. This album showcases 13 bands from the Indonesian archipelago, offering 25 songs and 75 minutes of oi! oi! music. Normally with compilations there are a few bands you have heard of – the “headliners” if you like, and a supporting cast that benefit from some added exposure. This time around, I am completely in the dark, having heard of none of these bands. As with the Malaysian bands I’ve heard, it’s the quality on offer that really takes me by surprise. The recordings are all crystal clear and the songwriting and musical ability is as good as you are gonna find anywhere globally.
The sound is very contemporary too, it’s not just a tribute to the old brigade – Rejects, Oppressed, Upstarts and co. – there are nods to the likes of Perkele, Dropkick Murphys or the German sounds of Loikaemie in this collection as well as the usual suspects. There is a real diversity in the sound which stops the 75 minutes from getting boring. Some songs are in English whilst others are sung in Indonesian and that is definitely something new and refreshing to these ears.
Like all comps you have a few highlights and a couple of duffers, but for oi! afficionados this is well worth exploring., webzine (december 17th 2013)
Oi! Made in Indonesia gibt einen repräsentativen Überblick über die aktuelle indonesische Skin Szene. Insgesamt befinden sich 25 Songs von 13 Bands auf der Platte. Alle Bands spielen auf einem relativ gutem Niveau. Bis auf den letzten Song, ist jede Band mit zwei Titeln vertreten, die meistens Bands sind guter Durchschnitt und es macht Spaß sich die Scheibe anzuhören. Besonders positiv stechen Sta-Prest Boys und The Young’s Boot heraus, die mit super Sound überzeugen. Im Gegensatz dazu, fallen Self Revolution und No Man’s Land leider weniger positiv auf. Beide Bands sind nicht schlecht, aber man merkt im Vergleich zum Rest auf der Platte einen deutlichen Unterschied. Insgesamt bekommt man einen super Einblick in das Repertoire der indonesischen Szene.Wie bei den meisten Samplern wie diesem, gibt es Bands die ne top Leistung abliefern und Bands die eben nur Durchschnitt oder schlechter sind, aber alles in allem hat man hier ne ganz gute Platte in der Hand. Note: 3 MIRA, webzine (november 24th 2013)
The compilation Oi! Made In Indonesia was in the pipeline for a long time at Aggrobeat. If I am not mistaken this was supposed to be the first ever release by this label and obviously there was some delay in it’s release because it just came out (november 2013) while the label has had various other releases under it’s belt already. Still Oi! Made In Indonesia wears catalog number one on it’s sleeve.
Altough there are some Indonesian bands with international releases out there, there is still a lot to learn about the punk, hardcore and Oi! scene of this country. Aggrobeat introduces us to 13 of this nations Oi! bands where each band, with exception of The NagNagNag, delivers two songs.
Don’t expect to go back in time production wise, because just when I got introduced to Malaysian bands like A.C.A.B., The Official and Roots ‘n’ Boots 13 years ago their Indonesian counterparts deliver the same high quality in both production and just because these bands are from a country that is not (yet) well known for it’s punk and Oi! scene that does not mean they’re inferior to any other band from any other country in the world.
Just like most compilations you’ll hear a lot of different types, styles, influences and just like most compilations you have the good, the bad and the best but overall this is just a great compilation album with tons of tracks you will probably never hear anywhere else but on this CD! A great introduction to the Indonesian scene with bands such as Dom 65, No Man’s Land, Firecrackers, United Blood and Moonstomp!


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